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Exhibitions 2022:

Current Selected:
A Generous Space 2, New Art Gallery Walsall

Studio 1.1, London; This Years Model

'WomXn' curated by Jo Baring and Beth Greenacre, Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London



Tamsin Morse studied at The Slade, London  and Chelsea College of Art 

Collections include:

New Art Gallery Walsall, Anita Zubludowicz, Timothy Taylor, University of the Arts, The Open University


Select exhibitions include:


Coleman Projects London, One in the Other, London, and group exhibitions - The Future Can Wait, Sobel, Gallerist, Istanbul Biennale 2007, Between A Rock and a Hard Place, Rove Projects, London; Territory, Arts Gallery, London; Jerusalem, Dean Clog Gallery, London.



Curated Projects include:


Tales of Hoffman, London and Gatsby, London.

My paintings and drawings question confusion, moral subterfuge, social positioning and the consequential hypocrisy, double standards and identity conflicts that emerge from a world that dictates how we should be.  The paintings combine methods from the Symbolist movement, and often reference mythologies or religious imagery displaced to the modern day.  There is a light touch of humour in the works, which is a reflection of how not to take ourselves too seriously in our constant quest to attain all.  There is a deep root in drawing, and the colours are strong and vibrant keeping the message optimistic and retaining the humour.  These are complex paintings and drawings and the titles act as a guidance to interpretation, with the viewer filling the gaps with their experience.

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